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Nozizwe & Ubuntu Choir

Nozizwe & Ubuntu choir

Afro Gospel and soul

Nozizwe, born Lucie Nozizwe Jiyane, hails from the quaint town of Unhošť near Prague in the Czech Republic. Her musical journey commenced in 1998, encompassing diverse genres such as rock, pop, musicals, swing, and cabaret. A pivotal moment occurred in 2002 when she relocated to South Africa, immersing herself in its vibrant music scene. Under the tutelage of the esteemed local singer Kylé Adcock, Lucie discovered a profound connection to African music, a genre that resonated deeply with her.

Upon her return to the Czech Republic, Lucie, now affectionately known as "Lucie Africa," was inspired to share the joy of African music with her audience. Establishing the "Mama Africa Tribute Band" (M.A.T. band) and the project "Music from the Heart of Africa," she aimed to infuse the souls of her listeners with the spirit of Africa. Through her performances, Lucie, singing in English, isiZulu, Xhosa, and other African languages, sought to educate her audience about the rich tapestry of African life, culture, and history.

Over the years, Lucie evolved into a human rights activist, paying tribute to icons like Miriam Makeba in 2012. The CD dedicated to Makeba was supported by the Ambassador of South Africa in the Czech Republic, H. E. Celia-Sandra Botha, Mr. Billy Selekane, and Mr. Daniel Barta. Lucie's involvement with the Miriam Makeba organization and collaboration with South African embassies underscored her commitment to social causes.

In 2015, Lucie initiated the "In the Name of Love – With Music for a Better World" project, collaborating with the Zululand Gospel Choir. A significant moment came in November 2015 when, during her visit to South Africa, Lucie was baptized and bestowed with the Zulu name "NOZIZWE," meaning "mother of nations." Since then, she has adopted Nozizwe as her artist name.

Despite a personal tragedy in 2018—losing her husband and manager, Mr. Mandlakayise Xolo Jiyane—Lucie persevered. In 2019, she founded the Ubuntu choir, embodying the spirit of Ubuntu, an ancient African philosophy emphasizing interconnectedness.

In October 2022, Nozizwe returned to the stage with renewed vigor, presenting two captivating programs. "Africa is Where My Heart Lies" pays homage to South African music legends, while "AFRICAN THANDA" sees Nozizwe performing alongside her Ubuntu choir, offering a soul-stirring blend of traditional and gospel African music.

Today, as Nozizwe, Lucie is at the forefront of humanitarian efforts. She is launching the UXOLO organization in memory of her late husband, focusing on human rights, peace, and education projects. Additionally, she is a dedicated partner in "We Are Our Sister's Keeper," an organization supporting young girls and women in South Africa.

Beyond the melodies, it is Lucie's heart, emotions, life experiences, and profound love for Africa that infuse her music with a timeless message: "It does not matter where we come from, what we look like, or what we believe in; what truly matters is that we always treat each other with love and respect."

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