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Feeln on the 5th Online promotional event for the FEELn festival
Feeln festival

Promotional Launch of the FEELn festival

Kris Lawrence

Kris Lawrence


One of the hardest industries to shine in is the Fil-Am music industry. However, Kris Lawrence has managed to do this, standing out as not only as an admirable songwriter but also a remarkable singer. For this reason, he has emerged as a darling and a star to behold across the world and is hailed as the ´Prince of R&B´in the Philippines.

His career has spanned over two decades, coming from grass to grace. His long career in the entertainment industry is the epitome of accomplishments and success. With his involvement in both TV and music, this is a man that has inspired many. His charisma, ideologies, and enhanced logic play a key role in making him stand out. 

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