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Feeln on the 5th Online promotional event for the FEELn festival
Feeln festival

Promotional Launch of the FEELn festival

Cheikh ibra Fam

Cheikh Ibra Fam

Multidimensional funk and jazz

Cheikh Ibra Fam is a multidimensional artist with a futuristic spirit, well anchored in his Senegalese roots. In 2022 he introduced his album entitled <Peace in Africa> in preparation for his departure from the mystical Senegalese group Orchestra Baobab. Peace in Africa incorporates modern hip-hop and R&B beats, alongside distinctly Afrobeat horns with nods to his Senegalese heritage. His songs implore you to dance while he fearlessly calls to challenge systemic issues that transcend language and countries. He naturally moves from English, French and his native Wolof. 
Ibra Fam is RFI Talent and part of the Discovery Program of Putumayo World. His song Yolele is in Putumayo's Global Groove Compilation. He has performed in international festivals in France, Spain, Tunisia, Canada and the United States with this project and all over the world with Orchestra Baobab.   
He studied solfege, piano, violin, blues and jazz at L'Accademia Musicale di Treviglio in Milan, Italy.

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