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Feeln on the 5th Online promotional event for the FEELn festival
Feeln festival

Promotional Launch of the FEELn festival



Afro Brazilian Jazz

BRASAFRO is the result of the experience and research of bassist, composer, arranger and musical director Musical Director: Evangivaldo Santos. Born in Cachoeira, a town on the banks of the on the banks of the Paraguaçu River in the Recôncavo Baiano, Evangivaldo Santos has lived with Afro-Brazilian expressions since he was a boy.
Afro-Brazilian matrices expressed in the abundant Religiosity and Popular Culture,
This experience was the basis for his research into this aspect, which is unknown to the Western public. part of Brazilian culture: African diasporic cultures.
cultures. The socio-cultural and musical context led to an interest in other musical
musical references, without the Eurocentric or North American guise that cultural imperialism cultural imperialism and the Western music industry. Originally
based on the Afrobeat movement of Tony Allen and Fela Kuti, the melodies and vocals of Richard Bona and Salif Keita, on the genius of Youssou N'Dour, Brice Wassy and Mokthar Samba along with Samba Chula and the traditional touches of the Jeje, Ketu and Angola. This is how BRASAFRO was born in 2016 in Curitiba.

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